Best Data Plans for Delivery Riders in Malaysia

May 21, 2024

For delivery riders in Malaysia, staying connected is a crucial part of the job — whether you're a rider for Grab, foodpanda, Shopee delivery, Lalamove, or any other e-hailing or p-hailing service.

Whether it’s navigating the city streets or communicating with customers, a reliable data connection can make all the difference.  Delivery riders require a data plan that supports their dynamic lifestyle.

Data plan must-haves for delivery riders

When shopping for a new data plan for your smartphone, look out for the following:

1. Ample data

To manage orders and navigate routes without interruption, you'll need to make sure that you have enough data to last for days. Without data, you won't receive any job notifications, and even navigation becomes an issue. Look out for at least 10 or 15GB.

2. Affordable pricing

To maximise earnings without hefty mobile expenses, try to find a data plan that gives you the most bang for buck. You'll want to avoid unnecessary add-ons like games and music — instead, look for the most amount of high-speed Internet data for the lowest fee.

3. Wide coverage

The day-to-day of a delivery rider can take them all around, even covering hundreds of kilometres (particularly for hardcore riders!). To stay connected even in the most remote areas, be sure to sign up for a telco provider that has nationwide coverage.

4. Flexibility

Avoid data plans that are limited to weekends, or certain times of the day for part of the data quota. Try to find plans that cater to varying work hours and data usage patterns, so you're always connected.

5. Free devices/device bundles

Another helpful tip is to look out for plans that offer free devices or discounted devices in bundles. It can be beneficial to carry two devices when on the job as a delivery rider, so that you have one smartphone for deliveries + navigation, and another for your personal use.

This ensures that your personal usage does not eat into your battery capacity of your work devices, and vice versa.

Pakej P-Hailing Rahmah CelcomDigi

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CelcomDigi’s P-Hailing Rahmah Plan for Grab Riders

CelcomDigi has crafted plans with these specific needs in mind. The Pakej P-Hailing Rahmah is a prime example, offering special plans starting from RM48/month, with data quotas beginning at 60GB.  These plans are part of a collaborative effort with Malaysian P-Hailing service providers, including Grab, to support delivery riders with affordable and seamless connectivity.

P-Hailing Rahmah Plan Options

Grab riders have the option to choose between a SIM only plan or a Device Bundle. The SIM only plan is available at a promotional price of RM48/month with 60GB of 4G/5G data, unlimited domestic calls and 1,500 free domestic SMS.  

The Device Bundles on the other hand have a lot to offer, the CelcomDigi 80 plan comes equipped with 40GB of 4G/5G data, unlimited domestic calls, and 1,500 free domestic SMS on top of the Samsung A05 128GB that comes free with the plan.

The CelcomDigi 108 plan however, is perfect for the Grab riders that need more data and a higher-end device with a discounted price. CelcomDigi 108 comes with a whopping 150GB of 4G/5G data, unlimited domestic calls, 1,500 free domestic SMS, and Realme 11 5G that starts from RM600 if purchased with the bundle.  

Find out more here.


For Grab riders in Malaysia, CelcomDigi offers a blend of affordability, reliability, and coverage that is hard to beat. CelcomDigi’s plans ensure that riders can perform their duties with the assurance of uninterrupted connectivity so that they can focus on what they do best –– delivering goods and services efficiently.  

Remember, the right data plan is not just a cost — it’s an investment in your success as a Grab rider.

With a focus on practicality and support, CelcomDigi’s plans present options worth considering for Grab riders looking to stay connected on the go. For the latest updates and plan offerings, check out

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